Welten Playground

We just love it when clients are looking for live events to communicate their brand values. At one of our more recent projects, Welten Playground, we did just that. Hosted by the prestigious Welten Group, a leading financial secondment agency with multiple labels in its portfolio, we invited their employees to the Fabrique in Utrecht. As an annual happening, this edition was a special anniversary celebration, and THG was honored to be commissioned after pitching the winning concept: Welten Playground - a carnival-like extravaganza that left guests amazed and entertained.


Content development

The concept behind Welten Playground was all about creating a playful and immersive environment where each of the Welten Group’s labels was transformed into a unique and interactive attraction. From a thrilling shooting range to a captivating gaming corner, and even a massive 10-metre long foosball table, each label had its own distinct setup that reflected its brand identity. The event was a playground of excitement, where guests could unleash their inner child and experience the thrill of play in a whole new way.

Multimedia design

Media played a pivotal role in creating a cool and cohesive atmosphere, both prior to and during the Welten Playground. THG’s creative team designed a visually captivating branding concept that infused Welten’s new brand key with elements of the festival scene. We also crafted a communication strategy that included pre-event teasers, engaging social posts, and personalized invitations to create buzz and generate excitement among the guests. Custom signage, interactive installations, and captivating visual elements lit up the event space, creating a vibrant and Instagram-worthy setting that was perfect for capturing those memorable moments.

Show flow & direction

THG’s Welten Playground event was a spectacular celebration of the Welten Group’s anniversary, filled with interactive attractions, artistic performances, and an immersive carnival-like setup. The birthday poem performed by a renowned spoken word artist added a touch of artistry and uniqueness to the event, creating a memorable and emotional moment that left a lasting impression on everyone. The band then mopped the floor with everyone. Epic stuff.

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