Preuveniment stand

Another one of our standout projects was our collaboration with Holland Casino, the leading Dutch Casino chain. For a few years running we created editions of their pop-up restaurant at the prestigious Preuvenemint food festival in Maastricht, held annually in August. This pop-up was designed as a representation and mirroring of Holland Casino’s innovative restaurant concept, LX Fine Dining, resulting in a summery dining experience that left guests delighted and engaged.

Holland Casino

Hospitality Design

The restaurant design was a seamless fusion of style, sophistication, and modernity. With elements of gold, blue, and wood, the decor exuded the refinement that is found in its namesake at various Casinos across Holland. Variations of spokes in the design added a touch of intrigue and uniqueness, creating a visually stunning environment. The ambiance was carefully curated to transport guests into a world of luxury; that of Holland Casino. Oh, and there was some pretty delicious food to match the design. We collaborated with Holland Casino’s own kitchen crew and overlooked the entire hospitality service.

Stage design

To further elevate the guest experience, we designed custom games that added a unique and interactive element to the pop-up restaurant. One of the highlights was the Diceball Table, a cutting-edge blend of physical and digital gaming that put a modern twist on the classic diceball game. The combination of the stylish restaurant design and the custom games created an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation, making the pop-up restaurant a must-visit destination at the Preuvenemint food festival.

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