Dutch Originals

Dutch Originals, a new coffee label by JDE, made waves at the Horecava tradeshow with their innovative and captivating launch event held at a stylish speak-easy bar. The concept behind Dutch Originals is all about two sub-brands called Jan & Theo, presenting JDE clients with a truly original and quality craft coffee. And these aspects were key during our concepting phase and were evident in every aspect of the event, from the stage design to a surprise tasting with a mesmerising VR experience, hiding in plain sight.

Jacobs Douwe Egberts

Product Launch

All and all, the launch event of Dutch Originals was quite spectacular. The concept we created was basically a treasure hunt, brought to life through the stage design and the captivating VR video. After finding the venue through cryptic messages and codes, guests were invited into the speakeasy where they sat before a black curtain as they were handed the goggles. The virtual tour allowed guests to witness an immersive video, telling the brand’s story about Dutch pride, heritage coffee and the search for excellence. The combination of the VR technology and the brand’s storytelling created a unique and memorable experience that left a lasting impression on all attendees. The video ended with an image of the actual speakeasy bar, and mirrored the image the guests had when they took off the goggles.

Exhibition Design

The stage design at the event was pretty epic, with a strong heritage feel and deeply personal aesthetic that perfectly embodied the brand’s vision. After taking off their goggles, guests were surprised by a small coffee lover’s paradise. We created a rich, storytelling decor that kept the visitors interested, and dim lighting was used to create an intimate ambiance. The bar was set up as a focal point, adorned with Dutch Originals’ branding and featuring various coffee brewing setups that added an element of theatricality to the event. Behind it, the barista was the true host of the brand and served the various blends for a tasting experience after the guests had taken off their VR goggles. Very Omotenashi…

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