Wordt Familie

Wordt Familie, or “Become Family…” was an event for Jong Management, a prestigious business club that originated as a platform for owners of family-run businesses. It is split into numerous regional sub-groups, and hosts a national gettogether each year. This unique event, hosted across multiple venues in North Brabant, brought together 250 entrepreneurs from across the Netherlands for a day of engaging keynotes, breakout sessions, and a memorable party that celebrated the spirit of family businesses.

Jong Management

Content development

The concept of “Become Family…” was built around the essence of family businesses - their values, challenges, and success stories. Our team collaborated closely with Jong Management to develop an engaging and informative content lineup that resonated with the audience, many of whom are also active in their respective family business. From technical setup and stage design to speaker selection and show calling, every aspect of the event is carefully planned and executed to create a seamless experience. Guided tours, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities were integrated into the event, fostering meaningful connections and enriching the overall experience. The grand finale of “Become Family…” was a party like no other, hosted at an old church in the heart of ’s-Hertogenbosch. With a Carnival-themed final hour, the party was a celebration of the unique culture and spirit of North Brabant, creating a truly memorable experience for all attendees.

Multimedia design

Multimedia design was a key element in bringing “Become Family…” to life. Our team created captivating animations and specific on-site branding with a strong connection to the North Brabant culture. A dynamic website captured the essence of the event and engaged the attendees prior to arrival. The event website serves as a hub of information, providing attendees with all the necessary details, updates, and resources to make the most of their experience at “Become Family…”. With the help of our friend of advertising agency De Code we were able to give that final bit of lift to this great day.

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