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One of our signature events is ‘Grow’, a production with and for Keune, the leading hair cosmetics brand with a rich Dutch history. This inspirational day is exclusively designed for Keune’s ‘Ambassadors’ - the top hair salons in the Netherlands that offer Keune’s products. The event is titled ‘Grow’ as it reflects Keune’s ambition and their main focus on hair (and its growth). For each edition, we bring together 200 salon owners from all over the Netherlands in a dynamic and ever-changing venue for a day of new product launches, demonstrations, and entrepreneurial inspiration from both within and outside the cosmetics industry.

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Keune Haircosmetics

Show flow & direction

The ‘flow of Grow’ is meticulously planned to create an immersive experience for the attendees. From the hosting by engaging emcees to inspirational speakers who share insights and experiences from their own entrepreneurial journeys, every moment is carefully crafted to captivate and motivate. Musical acts add an extra touch of excitement and energy, creating a dynamic atmosphere that encourages interaction, networking, and learning. We’ve envisioned ‘Grow’ as a means to ignite inspiration, foster innovation, and empower salon owners. It elevates their businesses to new heights together with Keune as their main partner-in-crime.

Multimedia design

Various design disciplines play crucial roles in enhancing the overall experience of ‘Grow’, starting with its very name and the message that lies beneath it. In its wake, our team has worked closely with Keune to design visually stunning keynote presentations that are both informative and engaging. Onsite branding, including signage, banners, and displays, is strategically placed throughout the venue to create a cohesive and immersive brand experience. A dedicated website serves as a hub for event information, registration, and updates, while video content captures the essence of the event, creating memorable moments for attendees to relive and share.

Product Launch

As an experiential agency, we are dedicated to creating events that leave a lasting impact and inspire meaningful connections. ‘Grow’ is a great example of our drive to combine a made-to-measure concept, created with Keune’s main ambition at its core, with flawless execution. We Get You. We Got You.

Did we get you?

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