Rooftop Shuffleboard Open Dutch Championships

Not our everyday project, the Open Dutch Championships of Rooftop Shuffleboard, was a super fun activation event for the esteemed Leonardo Hotel chain. It featured a custom-designed lineup of innovative shuffleboard formats, displayed as a sort of midget golf course at the rooftop bar of an Amsterdam hotel. This one-of-a-kind event brought a touch of nostalgia to the modern age, capturing the hearts and minds of guests and media alike.

Rooftop Sjoelen

Visual ID

The concept behind the Open Dutch Championships of Shuffleboard was born from our innovative and creative approach to activation concepting. We worked through various concept options and landed on the idea of hosting a special launch PR event that would bring shuffleboard into the spotlight like never before. This concept resonated with the Leonardo Hotel chain, and we brought it to life with our signature hospitality touch.

Stage design

Stage design played a crucial role in the visually stunning experience for the Rooftop Shuffleboard. From initial draft sketches to detailed 3D renders, our team crafted every aspect of the setup, ensuring it matched the overall theme and vibe of the hotel. The highlight of the creation was the custom-designed Leonardo (da Vinci) artwork on the shuffleboards, adding a touch of artistry and playfulness to the event. The stage design created an inviting atmosphere for participants and spectators, enhancing the overall experience and making it truly fun and memorable.

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