Hello Again

“Employees first” - this was the driving force behind the development of Nouryon’s brand identity, a global company with over 10,000 employees. And when it came to launching this newly spun-off division of AkzoNobel, THG was tasked with creating an event that would not only reveal the new name and launch the company, but also cultivate excitement, confidence, and internal engagement among the employees while creating a positive outlook for the changes and the future. The solution? Involving employees in the creation of the new name and meaning, and making them stakeholders in the creation of the new identity and strategy.


Show flow & direction

The launch event was the culmination of a long-running internal and external campaign called “Hello Again”. Prior to the event, a pre-launch phase introduced the company’s rich history and the background of the new name. In the week of the launch, an internal teaser campaign highlighted historical moments from the company’s past. The launch event was the official announcement of the new name and strategy, something that had generated great curiosity within the organization for months. The event also presented Nouryon’s new core values, future prospects, and goals, along with the introduction of the new CEO.

Live Streaming

To reach the global audience, a combination of a live flagship event and a livestream was chosen. The flagship event took place at AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals Innovation Center in Deventer, Netherlands, for approximately 250 Dutch employees. Meanwhile, 10,000 international colleagues from different locations could follow the event via livestream. Practical toolkits were provided to enable simultaneous launch events worldwide, emphasizing the sense of connection and unity.The launch event was viewed live by over 7,400 employees via the livestream, with employees in Brazil and the US watching the recorded footage due to time differences. The launch content was viewed over 40,000 times on various online channels on the day of the event. Furthermore, the event was covered in 642 media articles across 9 focus markets. These impressive results earned THG a second place nomination at the Gouden Giraffe Event Awards in the category of “Corporate Events”.

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